Let's Apologize

Pastor Daniel Weierbach - Let's Apologize --Key biblical verse- Acts 21-40-22-15- Acts 17-1-4- 1 Corinthians 15-3-4--How do you start a spiritual conversation---Many Christians do not witness to others due to fear, while others due to not knowing how to start a spiritual conversation. Tonight we'll examine types of apologetic methods, see them used within the scriptures, as well as how to practically apply them to our lives today to be a witness for Jesus Christ.--Key Words- apologetics, experience, evidential, presuppositional--Sign up for our newsletter here- https---odbaptist.com- -scroll all the way to the bottom- --Follow us on YouTube- -https---www.youtube.com-channel-UCitS...--Listen-watch us live or listen-watch old sermons at -https---www.sermonaudio.com-source-de...--Follow us on Facebook- -https---www.facebook.com-Open-Door-11...--For a better quality experience, watch our videos here- -https---odbaptist.com-videos --not all our videos are here, only the latest ones- --Follow us on Twitter- -https---twitter.com-baptist-door--Open Door Baptist Church--1128 OATES ROAD-PRATTVILLE, AL, 36066-UNITED STATES