OD Men (or as we like to say it “Odd Men”) is a reflection of the “Genuine Family” in our church DNA (check out that page of our site). Discipleship of men, young and elder, is very important to the ministry here a Open Door. We believe in a New Testament, Christ like approach of coming along side and spending time with each other. Men are called to be the spiritual leaders of the home. One of best ways to disciple each other is through simply sharing time together as husbands, fathers, brothers, sons, leaders of our community & men of faith! Through out the year, we have various activities planned to foster the natural bond of Christian men. We encourage you to consider joining us for one or more of our annual activities. Check the event calendar on the home page from time to time to see what we will be doing next. Here are some of the things we enjoy:

>Od Men Out – Camp Out (in the Fall): This is our favorite annual outing. We plan an overnight campout at a predetermined location. There we hike down into the woods where we set up camp and spend the evening around the campfire. We have a spiritual challenge then the next day a physical challenge planned to cater to our competitive side.

You do not have to participate in these evens to be a part of the OD Men. We have other things that we plan that are more focused directly on the ministry.